Projects Completed:
1. A comprehensive MC&MCA Strategic Marketing Plan has been created and will be rolled out in 2020.
2. The finalization of the MC&MCA Marketing Platform for 2020 and Digital Marketing Plan is ready to be instituted.
3. A fresh approach to engaging Engineering and Architectural firms has been laid out, focusing on face-to-face relationship building.
4. We had a successful November 12-15 AIA Convention and Exhibition Hall “Masonry Street” booth presence. MC&MCA Masonry Street featured a double booth anchored by MC&MCA with 12 MC&MCA member companies in and around the immediate area. MC&MCA and Friends sponsored the Wednesday night exhibit hall activities. Food and beer were provided. Volunteers assisted at the MC&MCA booth. Good flow through the booth areas was recorded and plans are in place for next year’s effort.
5. Marketing has been working with Mark Swanson of IMI on plans for structural and architectural masonry promotional efforts for 2020. She is working with our website coordinator to improve and expand our social network efforts and it is doing follow up on the Mass Timber and School Construction campaigns.
6. We will be heading up the MC&MCA’s next convention booth effort at the MN School Board Association Convention at the Minneapolis Convention Center on January 16-17. We have booth #820 reserved and are looking for volunteers!

What is on the Horizon:
1. Continued collaboration with our members and association partners to increase traffic on both platforms and boost awareness of the Association, our members and industry partners, is in process. Our goal is to begin sharing clips about industry hot-topics, areas of interest and the projects our members are involved in.
2. The compilation of digital data analysis information to identify weak areas on the current efforts aimed at promoting MC&MCA and to give direction to our digital platform campaigning, is in the birthing stage.
3. Open and ongoing communications with IMI about continuing to offer presentation for credit, and the creation of the 2020 calendar is underway.
4. There is further involvement with the Big Timber conversation and the need for educating – informing industry professionals on the massive drawbacks to this type of construction.
5. Coming in 2020, a new service will be available to our members. The MC&MCA Marketing Director will offer promotional tools based on member activities that they wish to have promoted through MC&MCA marketing channels. A pilot project has begun at Local 633 – furthering the ability to demonstrate all that MC&MCA can offer members. Filming at Local 633 for their Concrete Christmas Project at their training facility has begun.