The MC&MCA works with the Associated General Contractors of Minnesota (AGC), other industry groups, and the unions in the recruitment and training of our workforce. We are always looking for well-trained workers!

As a sponsor of Construct Tomorrow we work with the unions and others to educate and inform young people and others about job and career opportunities in the Concrete and Masonry Construction Industry. Construct Tomorrow is visiting a number of high schools across Minnesota this year. For a list of schools, dates and for more information, visit their website at

The MC&MCA serves on apprenticeship committees for the bricklayers, cement finishers, and laborers training programs and centers.

If you are interested in checking out what these programs have to offer, visit the following websites:

ARM of Minnesota – ACI Certification Sessions at

Bricklayers Apprentice Program and Training Center at

Cement Finishers Apprenticeship Program and Training Center at

Laborers Apprenticeship Program and Training Center at

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