Did you know that the concrete industry is a $200 Billion industry and employs more than 500,000 people? Well the Natural Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the National Concrete Masonry Association and others know that fact. That is why they started the Concrete Industry Management Program (CIM) in 1996 at Middle Tennessee State University as a four-year Bachelor of Science degree with a required minor in Business Administration or Marketing. The objective of the program is to provide the concrete industry college graduates with a degree in CIM, who could over time develop into managers and future leaders of the concrete industry. Since the first graduating class in 2000, the program has produced over 1,200 graduates. Over 80% of these graduates have remained in the concrete or related industry. In addition to Middle Tennessee State University, the program has expanded to California State University at Chico, Texas State University, and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Current plans call for a working relationship with a university in the north central regional of the United States (IL,MI,IA,MO,MN,WI,NE,ND,SD). Members of the CIM steering committee have been meeting with representatives of schools from some of the states listed above including some in Minnesota. For the CIM program to be added to another university a financial arrangement needs to be established. Cemstone President Thor Becken has taken on the challenge of raising $100,000 per year for the first five years to support the teaching effort at a university. Cemstone and several other companies have pleaded to the effort already, but more will be needed if the goals are to be reached and success declared. If you or your company are interested in pledging or learning more about the CIM efforts email Gary Botzek.