MC&MCA members are invited and encouraged to participate on one or more committees. Many of our events require just a few hours of volunteer time – and it’s a great opportunity to connect with industry peers! 

If you would like to learn more about MC&MCA committees, please contact Mark Severson at

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (meets as needed) 

  • Acting for the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee conducts business for the association between regular board meetings.

BUDGET COMMITTEE (meets as needed) 

  • Prepare the annual budget.
  • Review the actual revenues and expenditures on a quarterly basis and recommend changes in the budget to the board.

FRINGE FUNDS COMMITTEE (meets as needed) 

  • Responsibilities include preparing for and maintaining a working knowledge of the MC&MCA management perspective on managing fringe funds for the betterment of employees and retirees.

MARKETING COMMITTEE (meets as needed) 

  • Prepare annual work plan for Marketing Director; review and revise work plan quarterly
  • Assist in the preparation of the Marketing budget
  • Supervise the activities of the Marketing Director and provide direction as needed; provide regular performance feedback
  • Set up meetings for/with Marketing Director to meet with targeted audiences
  • Market the benefits of masonry to architects and engineers.
  • MN Masonry Coalition
  • Excellence Awards Subcommittee – Establish categories for entries, refine the application form and process, coordinate the judging of all projects, photography of all entries, selection of winners, production of the framed award plagues for winners, production of awards banquet CD PowerPoint presentation, and running the awards banquet portion of the program.


  • Identify potential new members to the MC&MCA, determine strategy for approaching each possible new member, and work directly with association staff to coordinate mailing and direct contacts with future members.
  • Responsibilities also include communications with current members (website, newsletter, mailings).
  • Programs, Training, Education Subcommittee – Research, prepare and deliver monthly membership programs that meets the needs of MC&MCA members. Research, prepare and deliver contractor training and education forums and seminars.
  • General Contractor Subcommittee – address issues of concern to this member group.
  • Annual Meeting/Banquet Subcommittee – Plan and execute the annual meeting and banquet portion of the Excellence Awards event (including silent auction, and program and speakers, if any). Usually requires 2-3 meetings in advance of the meeting/banquet (Nov – Jan). Largest time commitment is devoted to soliciting and collecting silent auction items and then assisting with auction the day of banquet.
  • Golf Subcommittee – May require 1-2 meetings in advance of the tournament (April-May). Assistance with/at the tournament is needed (assisting with door prize deliveries and distribution, helping with sponsored games on the course).


  • The newest of the MC&MCA’s committees. Noting that the construction industry runs on its workforce it is important that management and labor work together to provide the best workforce to meet the needs of the worksite. Our labor partners provide the training needed through the apprenticeship programs offered through the unions. Recruitment and interest in the trades and in the construction field in general is a responsibility of both labor and management. This committee works to find ways to introduce and reintroduce young people, minorities, women, and others to the concrete and masonry construction industry. This includes high schools through Construct Tomorrow to hands-on shop classes for grades 6-8 in middle schools.