The 2023 was voted on and approved at the annual meeting! Below is your new 2023 Board of Directors:

President – Nick Miller (Advanced Masonry Restoration)
President Elect – Philipp Wagner – (Kraus-Anderson Construction Company)
Treasurer – Steve Brock (Construction Midwest, Inc.)
Secretary – Kirt O’Konek (Stoneworks Arch. Precast/Cast Stone)

Mike Joslin – (Donald R. Frantz Concrete Construction, LLC)
Brian Norelius – (Acme Tuckpointing & Restoration)
Blake Dronen – (Restoration Systems, Inc.)
Matthew Collins – (Fabyanske, Westra, Hart & Thompson, P.A.)
Denver O’Brien – (Amcon Concrete Products, LLC)
Ben Hartnett – (McGough Companies)
Tim Selken – (B&D Associates)
Dave Kortum – (TCC Materials)
Mark Whitcomb – (AVR Concrete)
Matt Soanes – (Molin Concrete)

Nick Fernstrom – (McGough Companies)

We would like to thank all members that attended this year’s meeting.