As you know, the MC&MCA agreements with the Bricklayers, Cement Masons, Laborers, and Operating Engineers all expired on April 30, 2022.  Each of these agreements has been re-negotiated, and each union has ratified its settlement.

The bargaining process began in February with a multi-association collective bargaining workshop hosted by Management Guidance, LLP, that many MC&MCA contractors attended.  Preliminary contractor-only meetings took place in March.  Negotiations began in March, and they continued through the end of April.  

If you would like details on any of the settlement agreements, or if you have feedback on the bargaining process that you would like to share, please contact Martha Henrickson at (612) 747-5544 or John Nesse at (651) 253-4818. 

Thank you to the many contractors who served on the bargaining committees this year: 
Shawn Pratt, American Masonry
Tim Miller, Advanced Masonry Restoration
Bill Dentinger, B&D Associates
Chad Grazzini, Carciofini
Greg Grazzini, Grazzini Brothers (Stone)
Doug Schieffer, Northland
Trent Schieffer, Northland 

Cement Masons
Tim Selkin, B&D
Jim Turitto, Bulach Custom Rock 
Laborers/Plaster Tenders
Heather Grazzini, Carciofini
Dave Joslin, Donald R. Frantz
Tim Miller, Advanced Masonry Restoration
Shawn Pratt, American Masonry Restoration
Allen Skogquist, Northland 

Operating Engineers
Jason Landborg, Crosstown Masonry
Dick Tousignant, E-con Placer