The MC&MCA, in joint sponsorship with four unions, will be hosting its second Maple Grove Middle School Masonry & Concrete Career Fair on Wednesday, September 25 from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Bricklayers Training Center in New Hope. Working with the Tech Ed instructors from the school, we will be welcoming 80 shop students in grades 7-8 to the training center for a hands-on experience of working with brick, block, tile, stamp patterns, and technology. Unions providing the “experiential stations” include the Bricklayers and Tile Setters, Cement Masons, Laborers, and the Operators. We will video the event and treat the kids to pizza for lunch. We are looking for many volunteers to work the event with us, as well as donations to defray the cost of the event. Contact Rosemary Wallace at the association if you wish to help!

Some hands-on fun at last year’s Masonry & Concrete Career Fair!