The MC&MCA has received an application from a contractor interested in representing the MC&MCA on the Laborers Joint Apprenticeship Committee. That person will be considered by the board at its June 27th meeting. If appointed, they would serve alongside Andrew Kromroy of Advanced Masonry Restoration and two reps from AGC.

We are also looking for a contractor to serve as our representative on the Bricklayers Local 1 Vacation Fringe Benefit Fund. This is a trustee fund. This is a smaller fund and a good fund to start with and learn the system. This new person would replace Barry Blazevic and join Andrew Kromroy of Advanced Masonry Restoration on our team.

If you or your company would like to serve or nominate someone for this opening, please email MC&MCA Executive Director Gary Botzek and the board will consider the application.

Thanks for your continued interest and involvement in workforce development of the concrete and masonry industry.