We had another very successful and productive year for the Marketing and Promotional ActivitiesI have met all the established goals and, in many instances, exceeded them. I appreciate the ongoing support of the leadership team and our members in general. Below, please find the brief overview of the 2018 marketing and promotional activities:

Events and activities:

  • The fall Excellence Awards judging was a very successful event with great feedback from the 13 Architect judges
  • The current popular Presentation Program “Inspiring Masonry: Back to the Future” has been given to 59 organizations and 762 professionals
  • Attended the NCMA National conference in Chicago
  • Successfully participated in the MSBA MN School Board Association and the AIA MN Convention
  • Participated in the Marketing/Promotional events with BAC1 and IMI 

Workforce Committee:
Actively participated in the newly formed Committee activities.

Membership Committee:
Continue to expand the face-to-face relationship with our members by actively participating in the Membership Committee meetings and promoting / expanding new member contacts, helped to recruit couple of new members, including an architect.

AIA MN Convention:.

  • For the 3rd year the MC&MCA actively participated in the AIA MN Conference.  
  • 14 MC&MCA members and partners have co-located in the aisle 4 of the Exhibit Hall creating “The Masonry Street” and showcasing our Industry, Member Services and Products. With great confidence we can tell that the Masonry Street attracted more foot traffic, generated more interest and excitement than any other aisle at the Convention Hall!
  • Per Gary’s Botzek’s suggestion, negotiated the cost for double booth (shared with BAC1) for the cost of one.
  • As a new initiative this year MC&MCA has sponsored Happy Hour on the second night of the Convention to help attract more foot traffic and interest to our area.  
  • AIA advertised this event in the program, pre-show ads & daily announcements.   
  • Every booth had an elegantly displayed appetizer tray.
  • Centrally located Association booth had a keg of beer with customized handout cups featuring the MC&MCA logo.  
  • Decorative balloons framed the hallway of the Masonry Street adding a more festive and celebratory look, bringing attention to the area.
  • The promotional giveaways included customized pens, beer cups with the MC&MCA logos and the “Complimentary Membership for Architects.“        
  • MC&MCA again enjoyed partnering and sharing the booth with the BAC1, where John Slama worked tirelessly building a masonry wall, demonstrating the hands-on experience, attracting many convention attendees and generating excitement and high interest for the Masonry Street.  The cooperation and relationship with BAC1 continues to flourish.

2018 Program Presentations:

  • Helped to develop the Program Survey forms. 48 manual copies were turned in with an overwhelmingly positive feedback
  • The program “Inspirational Masonry: Back to the Future” was successfully rolled out in the spring 2018 with a strong interest and positive feedback from the architectural/design community, attracting diverse and large audiences.
  • Continued to expend and diversify the Program audiences: A total of 10 new organizations were added in 2018, that is in addition to 17 added in 2017.
  • In 2018:
    • 762 Design Professionals attended the MC&MCA sponsored “Lunch and Learn” sessions.
    • 59 Programs were presented
    • 8 Presentations have been already scheduled for 2019
  • A new program is being developed and will be submitted for the AIA approval this winter.


  • MC&MCA relationship and cooperation with IMI is continuing to flourish and strengthen.
  • Continuing general cooperation, sharing contacts and leads, brainstorming marketing ideas, sharing information and resources. 

Excellence Awards Judging:

  • 13 Architects/judges took part in the event this fall. Seven were new to the MC&MCA

Respectfully submitted,
Elena Peltsman, AIA
MC&MCA Marketing Director